Orane Leathers’ Shocking Attack on Workers Rights

On the 7th of August, 2009 a protest demonstration was held in front of Orane Leathers Factory in New Delhi due to their abuses to simple workers rights and their opportunism with regards to working hours.


Orane leathers has been violating labour laws for a long time. The management has been stating that normal working hours in the factory is 10 hours, when it should be a standard of 8 hours. Workers are not paid overtime for their extra hours, and the salary is always paid late to the point that they literally have to fight to get their already meager salaries. The leather producing factory does not accord any leave to the workers, even if need to go the hospital. There have been instances where the management has even humilated workers through physical punishment in public and threatened workers with private goons.

As a response, workers have started to form a union to collectively represent their rights in the factory. During this process, the management of the factory fired five workers on the 3rd and 4th without any reason, notice or pay.


The retrenched workers should be reinstated immediately without any conditions, with back wages and other legal dues and continutity of service.

The factory should follow labour standards such as the 8-hour working day rule, double rate pay for over time, weekly off and holidays.

The management must respect the workers’ right to organize and form a union


The Society of Labour and Development (SLD) succesfully was able to support the fired workers and together negotiate with the factory. The demonstration was a success, and was greatly supported by strong willed individuals and an atmosphere of solidarity. Since the peaceful protest, Orane Leathers has taken back the workers into employment, but besides the reinstatement there is still much room for improvement in their labour relations.


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