The Asia Floor Wage Campaign is a campaign to set a regional decent wage for garment manufacturing workers in Asia. This wage should meet a worker’s family’s basic needs, both food and non-food costs.

All garment workers in Asia need a wage increase. But often, when workers struggle to improve their wages and conditions in one country, companies relocate to another country, where wages and conditions are lower. The Asia Floor Wage campaign addresses this problem by uniting groups across Asia and fighting for a similar floor wage in each of the different countries.

On the average t-shirt, labour costs make up less than 3% of the overall cost. The big, international companies are making more than 75% profit on each piece of clothing. They can afford to pay workers who make these garments a decent wage.

Unions and labour rights groups across Asia, as well as groups in Europe, the United States and Canada are all part of the campaign.

Join us!


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